Elephant ‘KYOU’ Chubby Shiba Inu Plushie


Henlo hooman.

Official Shibemon Plush made from super swoft material and squishie cheeks!


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About Me: 

  • Meet Kyou! Proclaimed “father” of the Shibemon squad! He’s super tough and social. His Japanese name 協 (kyou) translates to “unite or cooperate”. Just as elephants live in tight herds, Kyou helps unite and keep the Shibemon squad together through his toughness and uplifting and positive social skills! As long as you’re by Kyou, he’ll never leave your side. Kyou’s colored pouch is said to hold a mysterious magical item, in which he swore he’d only reveal in a life-threatening situation.



  • All Shibemon plushies are made with super soft cotton; ultra cute and squishy for comforting snuggles in bed or self-indulgent cheek squishes.


Product Details: 

  • Stuffed Shiba Inu Plush 
  • 100% Brand New 
  • Material: Soft Plush and PP Cotton
  • Sizes:
    • 28cm (approx. 11″)
    • 38cm (approx. 15″)
    • 48cm (approx. 19″)



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28cm, 38cm, 48cm


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