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  • Shibemon is short for “Shibe Monsters”. We are a Shiba Inu merch shop for all shiba lovers! At Shibemon, you can find quality kawaii shiba inu plush, stationary, and much more! New products are always being added and updated! 
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  • Bork Bork! We are the Shibemon team; a small but growing online shop for cute shiba inu gifts, products, and merch! Our products are chosen through careful decision to quality, design, and cuteness! We hope our and your love for Shiba Inu are represented through cute Shiba Inu Merch you can be delighted by! 
  • Our official Shibemon character plushies feature Shiba Inu characters dressed as different animals and fruit! Each Shibemon have their unique names, personalities, and backstories! In our shop, you can adopt plushies HIRO (strawberry shiba), KYOU (elephant shiba), TORU (bunny shiba), and YUMI (piggy shiba)! 

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