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Meet HIRO !

Our kawaii Strawberry Shiba! Leader and proud hero of the Shibemon squad! Don’t be fooled by Hiro’s cute and squishy appearance, he is very strong and powerful! Hiro carries around a strawberry pouch as a reminder of all the strawberries he has fought to protect. As all Hiro’s friends would say, “he protecc, he attacc, but most importantly, he never leave ur bacc.”

Meet KYOU !

Our tough Elephant Shiba! Proclaimed “father” of the Shibemon squad! He’s super tough and social. His Japanese name 協 (kyou) translates to “unite or cooperate”. Just as elephants live in tight herds, Kyou helps unite and keep the Shibemon squad together through his toughness and uplifting and positive social skills! As long as you’re by Kyou, he’ll never leave your side. Kyou’s colored pouch is said to hold a mysterious magical item, in which he swore he’d only reveal in a life-threatening situation.

Meet TORU !

Our adorable Bunny Shiba! Proclaimed “mom” of the Shibemon squad! She’s super energetic and lovable! On her side pouch lives her tiny friend, shy and smol baby bunnie ‘Chuu’! Toru’s cute and lovable personality makes her the ideal partner for a long lasting friendship!

Meet YUMI !

Our chubby Piggy Shiba! Yummy yummy yumi! Caretaker of the Shibemon squad! Yumi loves eating food (hence she dressed as an adorable piggy. . .). As caretaker, Yumi loves to stuff her friends with love (aka food)! Yumi carries an egg so she never runs out of food to feed her friends when they get hungry. As long as your by Yumi’s side, you’ll never be hungry again! “Nom nom nom” -Yumi.